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What we do

The goal of LADON CORP. trainings and services is to provide our clients with an integral framework for media monitoring, enabling them to successfully reveal adversarial denial and deception and analyze hostile narratives and implement corrective communications operations.

Communications Projects

LADON CORP. is based and registered in Vienna/Austria and operates globally. Our experts, consultants and partners come from a variety of different fields and backgrounds – incl. military, academia and mass-media/social media monitoring and communication – uniting all elements necessary to conduct successful communications operations.

Our services


Media Monitoring

Communications Operations



What We Can Do For You

Our in-house team covers the entire spectrum from training industry professionals to on-going operational support.

Participants of our trainings will acquire in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge expertise in each step of our strategic cycle.


Focused on tailored-solutions adjusted to the specific context of the client

In-depth knowledge

Multi-disciplinary in-house team of internationally recognized experts

Cutting-edge Expertise

Focused on empowering participants of trainings

In-house strategic cycle

Ensuring effectiveness of our trainings and consulting services

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