Smart Trainings

Go a Step ahead. Empower your Team on

the keys to OSINT and Intelligence Analysis Techniques


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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Empower teams by effectively transferring knowledge on intelligence tools and strategic and persuasive communication.

We offer modular training courses to the highest standards with a customized curriculum based on the needs of our clients.


Get the basics elements of OSINT techniques.

Use the most tailored tools to locate, filter and collect information and data.

Use of social media tools to monitor and analyze profiles.

Get the latest developments in information acquisition techniques.

Get practical knowledge with a special field & Case Study OSINT.

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Intelligence Analysis Techniques

Use standard Analytical Techniques and tools for Holistic Intelligence Analysis, this allows you for getting the real picture and use it to your advantage.


Empower your team with field-tested methods and techniques.

Foster idea generation processes and Scenario and Indicator Techniques.

Make better hypothesis and testing Techniques

Practical exercises